{4th of July}

I absolutely Love 4th of July. I think my love for it became even stronger 8 years ago when we bought our house and realized that our front yard feels like we are literally under the firework show that the city puts on from the high school stadium right down the hill. So fun.


I am SO excited and honored that our party from last year is featured on Design Sponge today! Yay! Check it out and let me know what you think!


I start the “decorating” from the inside out….but Joel didn’t get too many pics of the inside, because outside is where da’ party’s at!!! Marie from Sweets Indeed came up with the color pallete & did an amazing job on the sweets table, and all the yummies she brought! We went for a Navy blue, Magenta and Teal vibe….a nice spin on the traditional Red, White & Blue :)


Our living room…



Comfy seating out front for when the fireworks begin





Our guests know to come hungry! We have been getting the taco truck for a few years, and everyone loves it. Traditional street tacos and all the fixins….YUM!!!



Marie made strawberry filled donuts! They were delicious! Check out the recipe on here




More yummies from Marie!










Yours truly keeping the ambiance alive….






The kids LOVE this old gumball machine! We keep a bowl of quarters next to it, and they love to stand and see what color comes swirling down! So cute!



I just couldn’t resist including one of our friends’ sons. Is he not the cutest?



My niece….



We draw huge circles in the street in front of the house and let all the kids stand in one with their own sparkler….here’s my little (well, not so little I guess) guy!



We make all the kids stand behind the line so as not to get too close to the fireworks we set off in the street :)



And here are all of the kids lined up with their neon bracelets and necklaces and whatnot….before the real firework show begins.



Hope you enjoyed….and more importantly I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July! Be safe!!!