Calling All Interns…

Looking for an internship? You’re in luck! We’re offering three different internship opportunities this fall at Found! Check out the different positions and follow the links for info on applying for the positions.

1) Display Intern

We’re looking for an excellent creative searching for an opportunity to expand his or her portfolio. During this internship you’ll be able to create awe-inspiring window displays from concept to execution (think installation art-meets-merchandising-meets-off-the-wall-materials), take part in styling and creating photo shoots & real events using our vintage collection, and independently create vignettes specifically for blog features and photos. Click here for more info and find out how to apply.

2) Marketing Intern

Found is looking for a marketing student that will have the opportunity to apply his or her studies to the “real world” of the event industry. During this internship you’ll have the opportunity to develop an evaluation system and research portfolio, research market segments in the event industry, apply research to evaluate potential relationships & reveal new markets, and have input in the allocation of Found Vintage Rental’s marketing resources. Click here to find out more info and apply.

3) Collection Intern

This internship offers both hands-on and research experience to someone intrigued by the history of American and European furniture. As an intern you’ll take part in Found Vintage Rentals media projects such as composing blog posts on the collection’s period pieces, assist in inventory shoots, collect information on specific pieces, and have input on displaying the collection. You’ll be our go to for information about the background of pieces in the collection. Click here to get more info on this internship and apply.