Coachella 2014

We thought some of you might be having Coachella withdrawals so we wanted to show off a (not so little) party we were lucky enough to be a part of at a beautiful private estate in Coachella. Months of planning, and two full days of installing, we have lots of pictures to show off. I have included some before and after to get an idea of how we brought a little {found} to this gorgeous estate….

This is the outside….not too shabby, eh? 2014-02-26 15.33.25 copy 2014-02-26 15.33.33 copy 2014-02-26 15.33.41 copyThe front entrance…Before

2014-02-26 15.34.21 copyAnd After….DSC05816 copyThis living room is absolutely huge. 50’x30′ to be exact, with 30′ ceilings. I knew I wanted to make it as cozy as possible….but that is not an easy task for such a large space…All of the interior furniture was removed which gave us a blank slate to fill up, and cozy up.

Before: 2014-02-26 15.34.55 copy

And After: (view from the opposite corner) DSC05814 copyBefore:

2014-02-26 15.35.43 copy And After….                              DSC05811 copyWe wanted the room to feel welcoming and comfortable…which is why it was important to hang things on the wall, add a ton of textures, architectural elements and live plants. And pillows….lots and lots of pillows. DSC05812 copy DSC05813 copy DSC05815 copy DSC05818 copy DSC05820 copy DSC05825 copyDSC05823 copy DSC05827 copy Succulents and plants were added to the mantle and throughout the living room as well…DSC05829 copy DSC05830 copy Now we can head outside to the gorgeous pool area. We removed all of the outdoor furniture as well, and brought in some custom pieces that we made specifically to create the vibe that our clients were looking for.

Before: 2014-02-26 15.38.57 copyAnd After:

The lights had not been hung up yet, and the towels are not yet placed at the end of the cabana beds….but you get the feeling. I designed these cabana beds and had my dear friend, Brandon (Monkwood) build them out of reclaimed wood. I didn’t just want foam mattresses so I had wraps made that provided a little more comfort and poofiness (yes, it’s a word). It took a while to find an outdoor fabric that I was in love with, but when I found this one I knew it was perfect It complimented the indigo and batik that we used throughout the rest of the property. I reversed the fabric for the coordinating pillows, all of which were made by the one and only Trish, Cottage by Design.

DSC05797 copyDSC05768 copyBefore:

2014-02-26 15.39.49 copyAfter:

We also put up all of our reclaimed wood pergolas which helped define spaces, and create a cozy feel… DSC05764 copyDSC05798 copyThe DJ had his own pergola which we covered with a nice white linen to provide a little shade…DSC05801 copyOur pergolas are made out of hand hewn beams from a barn in Michigan from 1868…this shows a bit of their age and texture. Pure beauty.  DSC05799 copyWe added shelves to these 2 cabana beds so that florals could be added to the back… DSC05793 copy Our Morgan tables were used throughout. Paired with our Colton & McLaughlin Barstools. DSC05792 copy

This is a really cool little area right on the water…

Before: 2014-02-26 15.40.43 copyAfter:

We set up a couple Finn Tables and Graham chairs for a sweet little dining area…DSC05756 copyI love all of the plants and succulents that Bianca, from Chaparral Studio put together. Everything came together so beautifully. DSC05759 copy Cozy lounge vignettes throughout…DSC05790 copy DSC05789 copy DSC05788 copySome Anita rugs, poofs, and indigo pillows on the grass for a little lounging around… DSC05786 copyPairing two of the Finn tables together made a perfect dining area overlooking the entire property. Lauren had a brilliant idea to cover the Danni benches with a strip of indigo to add a little color and comfort….so perfect.  DSC05785 copy

Outdoor fireplace, Before: 2014-02-26 15.45.24 copyAnd After: DSC05778 copyMore comfy outdoor seating…DSC05776 copy DSC05775 copy DSC05772 copyDSC05784 copy DSC05783 copyMy favorite new couch I had completely reupholstered in vintage batik indigo. DSC05751 copyDSC05809 copy

And one last shot of an outdoor area that was set up with our huge Life Guard seats…

DSC05831 copy

I am so grateful for my entire team that worked so hard on this job with me, I could not have done it without any one of them there. And a special thanks to my hubby, Joel, for being there to help with EVERYTHING and take these gorgeous pictures. So blessed.

It may not be a Coachella weekend…..but have a wonderful one!