Coachella 2015 Estate Take Over

Happy Friday+ Happy Coachella Weekend Two!! Remember this estate? …take a look at this post HERE to refresh your memory of what we started with and how we transformed this property once again for Soho House’s private Coachella event during Weekend one.  Art with Nature added tons of succulents and greenery to our vignettes to complete the look. We upholstered new pieces with vintage army canvas, loaded up on indigo, wood vessels and demijohns, with a graphic pop of black through out. Art installations by Kenton Parker were also present to emulate the creative energy of coachella. Our nautical props added a whimsical element in this desert oasis… take a look at some moments below.

StudioEMP-3659 StudioEMP-3663 StudioEMP-3662 StudioEMP-3759 StudioEMP-3744 StudioEMP-3764 StudioEMP-3741 StudioEMP-3736 StudioEMP-3673 StudioEMP-3740 StudioEMP-3731 StudioEMP-3738 StudioEMP-3767 StudioEMP-3752 StudioEMP-3825 StudioEMP-3841 StudioEMP-3677 StudioEMP-3833 StudioEMP-3815 StudioEMP-3823 StudioEMP-3818 StudioEMP-3821 StudioEMP-3803 StudioEMP-3805 StudioEMP-3807 StudioEMP-3797 StudioEMP-3791 StudioEMP-3794 StudioEMP-3778 StudioEMP-3784 StudioEMP-3771 StudioEMP-3706 StudioEMP-3717 StudioEMP-3719 StudioEMP-3725 StudioEMP-3710 StudioEMP-3711 StudioEMP-3713 StudioEMP-3700 StudioEMP-3701 StudioEMP-3688 StudioEMP-3686 StudioEMP-3692 StudioEMP-3715


These pictures are from our third day of install.. stay tuned for images from the event!


Plant styling & landscape installation: Art With Nature | Photography: Studio Emp