Color Theory: PINK

Pink, its THE favorite and most requested hue, here at {found}, by Brides to be. From light barely there blushes, to rosy pinks and deep rubies, we have just the pieces you are looking for. Whether you are looking to saturate your soiree in pink or just add a POP. Our custom pillows made from a variety of linens, velvets, and vintage Chinese marriage blankets, are perfect for just a hint! Take a look at our new Color Theory Look Book for inspiration for your next event.

EMP_8639 EMP_8643 EMP_8652 EMP_8670 EMP_8672~jeni

Pieces Featured: Roma Couch, Mina Couch, Patine Blush Couch, Patine Armchairs, Langoustina Couch, Langoustina Settee, Degas Settee, Degas Armchair, Felicia Armchair, Pinot Armchairs, Bisque Armchairs, Jackson Couch, Jordana Blush Settee, Jamie Blush Settee, Janine Blush SetteeFauna Armchair.

Photographed by: STUDIO EMP