Color Theory: Teal

We are happy to present our latest color theory look book: TEAL. This fresh & vibrant color speaks to turquoise waters of far away beaches and dreamy sky blue hues. Look at how many accessories and upholstered pieces we utilized with this green-blue palette. Teal makes for the perfect summery shade to design your next soiree around. See the images below and click HERE to see the Look Book!

EMP_0873 EMP_0865 detail6 EMP_0882 EMP_0860 EMP_0895 EMP_0888 detail7 EMP_0861 EMP_0831 EMP_0827 EMP_0822 detail8 EMP_0803 EMP_0820 EMP_0808 EMP_0821 EMP_0848 EMP_0846 EMP_0971 detail4 EMP_0915 EMP_0941 EMP_0940 EMP_0945 EMP_0933 EMP_0925 detail5 EMP_0929 EMP_0951 EMP_0946 EMP_1019 detail2 EMP_1034 detail1 EMP_0998 detail3 EMP_1003