Elisa + Jon…

Love the soft beautiful color palette of this wedding. The details are spectacular…. What an amazing collaboration.

Love the gorgeous floral design by BB Blossom

The Found pieces Elisa and Jon incorporated into their celebration were the Yost Farm Table, Carson Butcher Table, Marco Blue Settee, Roosevelt Weathered Trunk, Butterfield Grain Sack Chair, Virgil Coffee Sack Ottoman, Joanna Side Table, Hawking White Table, Jordana Blush Settee, Oxford Brown Trunk, Lomas Beige Chair, Equestrian Side Table, Geraldine Beige Couch, Roanoke Occasional Chair, Henry Occasional Chair, Cassidy Side Table, Felicity Coffee Table, Ensley Display Table, Nadine Chippy Shelf, Wiley White Dropleaf Table, Emily Flour Bin Table, Marshall Reclaimed Table, Camelot Wooden Table, Townsend Gingham Chair, Townsend Gingham Armchair, Ward Blue Scale, Tinley Scale, RC Soda Crate, Gentry Wooden Box, Jones Dairy Crate, Hartman Wooden Crate, Henley Suitcase, Oakwood Leather Suitcase, Garth Leather Suitcase, Francis Suitcase, Tanner Beige Suitcase, Tyson Camel Suitcase, Chestnut Large Suitcase, Naomi Striped Suitcase, and the Hastings Painters Easel

 Can’t believe we are already halfway through this week! There just aren’t enough hours in the day…