First Dibs for 2011

2011 is coming quickly and we want to make sure you have rad furniture from Found Vintage Rentals at your incredible celebration. Our 2011 Collection will be released at the beginning of the year but we want to make sure you get first dibs for your event date. We’ve come up with a brilliant plan that you’re going to love.

&You give us a $500 retainer deposit by October 15, 2010, and you’ll get $750 of credit towards your 2011 event rental (that’s 250 EXTRA dollars towards awesome tables, fabulous chairs, or a killer lounge set up!).

&You pick your event date. We’re only accepting reservations for a limited number of events per day so don’t miss your opportunity to get in line.

&Once the new year rolls around, we’ll invite you to come choose your rentals before anyone else has a chance to snag them. You’ll have first dibs on our inventory for your event date. (For instance, if your event is April 15th, you can come January 15th to choose which items you want.). We won’t let anyone else reserve rentals for the same day before you do.

&The retainer deposit will be applied to your rental order so if your total is $2000, you’ll only pay $1250 more. The $250 credit cannot be applied to delivery or styling fees.

&To get the ball rolling for your 2011 event, get in touch. Call us up (714.888.5811), email us, or set up an appointment to come see our collection in person. We’re only running this promotion through October 15th though, so make it happen quick.

&Deposits can be made by check or credit card but have to be received by 5 pm on October 15th and must be accompanied by our 2011 Reservation Agreement.

&This promotion is only available for 2011 event dates within our southern California service area (Santa Barbara to San Diego).

&The whole point here is to reserve your spot in line on a specific date so no switchies or take-backs.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

xoxo, The Found Girls