Flash Back Friday

Take a look at this amazing tent we constructed here at {found} last spring! We filled it with eclectic lounge pieces and some of our most unique decor. The florals are out of this world! What a dreamy event this would be for upcoming spring & summer celebrations on the horizon. We constructed the tent ourselves with vintage textiles, silk scarfs, lace, and crochet patches. Don’t you love the sheep skin over our bentwood chairs and the canopy of flowers over head?

JEM_5376 JEM_5375 JEM_5346 JEM_5378 JEM_5396 JEM_5388 JEM_5387 JEM_5384 JEM_5394 JEM_5429 JEM_5395 JEM_5347 JEM_5368 JEM_5420 JEM_5401 JEM_5399 JEM_5349 JEM_5351JEM_5418 JEM_5406 JEM_5397 JEM_5360 JEM_5416 JEM_5413 JEM_5363 driftwood buffet tables JEM_5410 JEM_5419 JEM_5441 JEM_5435 JEM_5449 JEM_5452


Florals: Inviting Occasion / Photography: Studio EMP