Found Color Theory: Grey

Welcome to our second COLOR THEORY look book feature. We are looking at the wide variety of Greys in our collection with this look book. Grey can be masculine or feminine, luxurious or understated. Look at how many accessories, upholstered pieces, and architectural details we used, and how they all blend seamlessly together. They are all so different, but everything comes together through this versatile grey color palette.

EMP_7289 EMP_7280 EMP_7262 EMP_7266 EMP_7263 EMP_7267 EMP_7276 EMP_7298 EMP_7279 EMP_7308 EMP_7283 EMP_7284 EMP_7304 EMP_7287 EMP_7292 EMP_7294 EMP_7299 EMP_7307 EMP_7309 EMP_7310 EMP_7320


Found Pieces used: Chad Grey Cushion, Bergamot Batik Cushion, Greyhound Settee, Greyhound Armchair, Wurster Chair, Heron Chair, Sjourtis Chair, Larchmont Armchair, Biltmore Settee, Biltmore Armchair, Eugene Grey Armchair, Seaton Grey Armchair, Timesly Armchair, Eugene Tufted Settee, Ansel Coffee Table, Denton Fireplace Mantel, Schultz Ladder, Misty Basket, Eden Seed Pots, El Paso Metal Basket, Abbey Tiered Tray, Randolph Grey Equestrian Hat, Pillows (set of 3), Hydriai Metal Vessels.