Friday Finds…

It’s been a long time since I have done a “Friday Finds” post, but I thought this was the perfect opportunity. For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@foundrentals) you might have seen the picture below on my feed yesterday. After many witty suggestions on the naming of this piece, I had to go with the super fantastic suggestion of Wellington the Third (thanks Amber, of Pitbulls & Posies, I love it!) In it’s former life, Wellington was a beautiful store counter in Belgium & then imported into America by an Antique dealer about ten years ago. Every time I shopped in his store, I drooled over it and told him it was mine if he was ever ready to sell. So, when I got the call about 4 months ago that he was ready to part with it, I was beyond thrilled. I painted half of it for an event in May (2nd & 3rd pictures below) but have been too busy to get to the rest of it until I finally asked my most coveted fixer and builder of all things (Brandon) if he would give it a fresh coat of paint. Voila. Meet, Wellington the Third….


Half Way Done (and in action):


Sorry for the grainy iphone photos….I was just anxious to share Wellington with you all!

Hope to get back to blogging more next week….hard to do in our busiest season, but I do love sharing all that we are up to over here at Found!

Happy Friday,