{Friday Finds}

I wanted to share a few of my newest {old} finds, but stay tuned because I have hired ;) my fabulous hubby to take pictures next week of all the things that have been piling up in the warehouse. This is just a small dose, much more to come soon!


I just love this cool cubby. It has the industrial look that I love so much, but could be softened so easily with flowers, sweets, favors…all kinds of fun things.

Wood boxes. Can I ever have enough? Nope. Especially when I find 12 all the same! Centerpieces?




I do have a couple sets of these nesting tables, but I have never come across any that are silver like these. I adore them!




Books. I love them. Always will.  Again, I can never have too many. Look at the beautiful design on the pages. Gorgeous. 




I got this chair last weekend from Danni (ohhellofriend) and it will always remind me of her….and bring a smile to my face. :)


and this too…



Check back next week for more…