Hide & Seek: The Keys to Finding Something Found

Recently we’ve been getting a lot of emails. Most are from brides who want rad vintage rentals at their upcoming weddings but we’ve also started to see another theme: requests for help. If you want to start your own vintage rental company and wonder how we did it, this is for you.

We’re overwhelmingly excited to share that we’ll be offering our first-ever workshop Hide & Seek: The Keys to Finding Something Found. Join us February 12th & 13th, for this two-day info-packed session.

The topics covered will include:

-Unlocking Your Brand & Developing Your Collection

-Nuts & Bolts of a Rental Business (inventory, pricing, & decision-making)

-Marketing to Make an Impact

-Becoming a Saavy Buyer

The Workshop will also include TWO incredible buying experiences in southern California with Found Vintage Rentals owner, Jeni Maus. She’ll share about picking and then show you how it is done. You’ll see where she shops, what she looks for, and have an opportunity to start your own collection.

You’ll walk away with invaluable information about what to do and what NOT to do. We’ve learned the hard way and we want to save you the time, money, and heartache that we spent learning the ins & outs of the vintage rental industry.

Don’t miss your chance to hear our story, pick our brains, and give your vintage rental business a jump start! We’ll only be accepting 6 attendees so be sure to apply early.

Come play Hide & Seek with us. You never know what you might find. Click here to start your application.