History of European Grain Sacks

Now that you’ve seen our latest arrivals, we thought we’d share more about the cool grain sacks that grace the seats of many of our chairs.

European grain sacks have shown up everywhere from pillows to curtains in home decor lately. The hemp and linen textiles are handwoven or homespun and can date back to the early 1800s. They range in shades of grey, warm creams, and sun-bleached white and have a variety of textures from loose to tight and neat. Most have stripes or other bands (usually blue or red) and rare grain sacks can even be found with text or designs printed on them. Farmers individualized these designs so they could identify their own sacks when transporting grain, flour, or sugar. Some even initialed the sacks with their families’ monogram to further distinguish them.

We’ve used grain sacks to upholster several one-of-a-kind pieces. Here are a few chairs we rent that incorporate these incredible textiles.

Grey Velvet & Hungarian Grain Sack Barrel Chair

Blue Stripe Grain Sack Occasional Chair

Divergent Stripe Grain Sack Open Armchair

Grain Sack and Linen Armchair

We have a pair of these Gilded Grain Sack Chairs with Tan Stripes

And in case you didn’t see them yesterday, our newly completed Black Stripe Grain Sack Wingback Chairs with Modern Piping

Photos courtesy of Studio EMP