Le Spring Look Book

This look book was inspired by a whimsical parisian love story. Our vintage hot air balloon baskets are certainly one of a kind pieces that will make any celebration one to remember. The bistro scene will sweep you off your feet & the picnic in the grass is just lovely! The balloon baskets full of  balloons are what dreams are made of…See the feature on Green Wedding Shoes here.

EMP_4081 EMP_4087 EMP_4091 EMP_4127 EMP_4244 EMP_4088 EMP_4577 EMP_4583 EMP_4600 EMP_4071 EMP_4584 EMP_5167 EMP_5106 EMP_5184 EMP_5213 EMP_5289 EMP_5265 EMP_4641 EMP_4671 EMP_4679 EMP_4664 EMP_4693 EMP_4670 EMP_4656 EMP_4650 EMP_4622 EMP_4818 napoleon slider EMP_4529 EMP_4465 EMP_4484 EMP_4299 EMP_4553 EMP_5318 EMP_5415 EMP_5459 EMP_5487 EMP_5359 EMP_5329 WIKERSLIDER EMP_6227 EMP_6221 EMP_6161 EMP_6211 EMP_6189 EMP_6140 EMP_6006 EMP_6052 EMP_6050 EMP_6061 EMP_6022 EMP_5947 EMP_5938 EMP_5908 EMP_5829 EMP_5811 EMP_5769


Photography: Studio EMP / Hair + Makeup: Kacee Geoffrey / Fashion Stylist: Lorely Meza / Models: Mary Crabhill & Jesse Saunders