A few months ago I was asked to furnish a newly remodeled home in the beautiful oceanside town of Montecito, CA.  I knew the couple (and loved them!), so it was an easy “yes!”.  They gave me complete creative freedom to furnish/style the house however I saw fit.  This house is a second home, so the original plan was to just stage it for them until they found pieces to fill it permanently.   
This project ended up being one of my most favorites of all time, and one that I am honored to have been a part of and share with you!  The couple are the most kind, humble and heartfelt people….what was a large project hardly felt like work! Their love and kindness naturally made me pour my heart and soul into every inch of the house.  And the best part?!  They kept it all!  This staging job turned into their forever.
This truly was a dream job, for dream clients (Friends!), and I am just forever grateful. Enjoy!