Palm Springs Design Challenge

Last week, our team set off on our annual Sales Retreat in none other than Palm Springs. Known for its unique charm and abundance of thrift stores and consignment shops, we couldn't resist the opportunity to gather some design inspiration.

We decided to spice things up with a little design challenge. Dividing into three teams, each armed with $2,000 and a few hours of creative freedom, we set out to create captivating vignettes that showcased our team's individual styles.

The challenge was simple: craft a vignette of any style, using the resources available to us, and impress the judges (Jeni and Joel) across five categories:

  1. Depth of Vignette/Layers: We looked for depth and complexity in each design, appreciating the layers that added dimension and visual interest.

  2. Relevance to Current Style/Uniqueness/Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Innovation was key. We sought designs that not only aligned with current trends but also pushed the boundaries!

  3. Durability/Longevity: Pieces should be of good quality so they can be put into our rentals inventory and used over and over again! 

  4. Range (Different Pairing Options): Versatility was important! We wanted each piece to be able to pair back to other pieces in our existing inventory. 

  5. Return on Investment: We assessed the cost-effectiveness of each design, considering both the initial investment and the potential for future returns.

(Shared based on the order of their finishing positions!)