Taking on Tuesday… Pergolas

I am so very excited to share our new Reclaimed Wood Pergolas with you all! These beauties were definitely a labor of love from start to finish, but I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. You may recognize some of these pictures from my instagram feed, but I would love to share a little more about how they came to life. Our good friends over at Bash,Please asked if we could make a couple reclaimed wood pergolas for a wedding, and of course, I was ecstatic about the idea! After searching for quite some time for the perfect wood, my hubby came across a fantastic place down in Laguna Niguel called True American Grain. When we went to check it out, I was like a kid in a candy store! Their selection is amazing, and gorgeous at the same time. You can read all about what they do, and where the wood comes from here. I chose the most beautiful hand hewn beams that came from barns in Michigan (circa 1868) and Tennessee (circa 1820). Joel got to work on a design that would make these structures solid, beautiful, and (somewhat) easy for our crew to set up. I am so thankful for his ingenuity and ability to build just about anything! Let me be a tad bit boastful and say that these iphone pictures don’t do them justice…These pergolas have just the craftsmanship and character of the 200 year old barns that this wood was originally used for. Can’t wait to share more photos soon!

Found Vintage Rentals Reclaimed Wood Pergolas

We now have 4 of these pergolas built and ready to cozy up any event! We offer custom fabric options for the top, or they are equally beautiful without any fabric at all, or dressed up with flowers like the picture above from Bloom Box Designs.