The Cream…

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from The Cream. We spent almost 2 full days installing for the big night and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We were lucky enough to provide furniture for a lot of the other vendors involved, so we ended up delivering almost 4 full truck loads! It was a fantastic night and I am always so excited to be a part of such a wonderful collaboration of talent! My hubby and I weren’t able to be there until almost 9:00pm because it was our kids Open House that night and our son was in a play.

These were taken by my hubby once we arrived….The party was in full swing so I asked him just to grab a few quick shots before we started mingling. I’m so glad he did! This is our light fixture installation, complete with edison bulbs and lots of neon yarn ;)


Why yes, that is our neon heart hanging from the rafters….

So our main installation consisted of a progression of chairs. I love the beauty of a deconstructed chair and I really wanted to show the progression of what most of my chairs go through. We displayed each one on a raised wooden box with custom lights we had made, over each one. I really wanted to present them as a work of art. I am so fortunate that the Bash,Please ladies had given me this 70ft long stretch to display. I started with just the frames of chairs….and gradually progressed to the completely re-upholsterd chairs. There were 12 total….6 on each side.

This picture definitely shows it best…

These are just a couple quick shots of how Urbanic and Wiley Valentine used some of our pieces. I am dying to see more pics from the other vendors!

Me and my girls….

Happy Saturday!


A few of Found’s pieces at The Cream pictured here: Gregory Wingback Chair, Cara Unfinished Chair, Nadine Chippy Shelf, Metal Pigeon Shelf, Newton Card Catalog, Teal Gumball Machine, Books, Samuels White Mailbox, Danni Reclaimed Industrial Bench, Hawking White Table, Galton Shutters and Buhler Red Table

Photography: Studio EMP