Time for a Celebration

We are celebrating 4 very full years of Found today.  CRAZY to read.  CRAZIER to write. Especially since the blog is always written by Jeni.  But today we wanted to surprise her and focus on what she has created in such a short amount of time.  We even had a few of our closest industry pals send us their photos when they were four years old.  How cute is everyone? (And can you identify them all?!  There are some Found faces in there, too.)

When you’re that young, the whole world is in front of you.  We’d like to think that we have a whole lotta world to take over still too!  So here is to another great year and here is to our wonderful, lovely, I’m-sure-she-is-blushing-as-she-reads-this boss, Jeni Maus.  We love you + are proud of all you’ve accomplished.




Lauren, Dean, Jewel, Thomas + the entire Found family


(Thanks to Paige + Kelly, Maria, Natalie, Lindsay, Angel, Monica, Joel, Dean, Trevor, for participating in this!)