Women & Whiskies

Yesterday on Design Love Fest our pretty pink pieces were styled up for the Women & Whiskies party!

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Found Pieces used: Mina Tufted Couch, McCann Tufted Couch, Anita Manta Rugs (set of 3), Montoya Throw, Empress Marriage Pillows (set of 3), Walt Side Table, Darla Brass Cart, Abberley Brass Cart, Patch Standing Tub, Domaine Table, Carmel Heart, Rooibos Ottoman, Devoust Ottoman, Aires Furs, Jolina Glass Table, Patine Blush Armchairs, Natural Jocelyn Tufted Cushion.

photos by: jesse chamberlin / furniture: found rentals / food: heirloom la / flowers: moon canyon / glassware: casa de perrin / calligraphy: anne robin